No More Blues (2009)

No More Blues

Das vierte Studioalbum der Band wurde im März und April 2009 im SAP-Audimax in St. Leon-Rot unter der Leitung von Thomas Siffling und mit Jakob Händel als Tonmeister eingespielt. Es ist die erste CD mit Beatrix Auer als Sängerin. Während das Vorgängeralbum, Count To Ten (2006), sich dem Swing verschrieben hatte, haben wir uns diesmal auf den Weg gemacht, um den wahren Latin zu suchen. Die Liner Notes von Jens Weisse und das Artwork von Frank-Herwig Walter zeigen, was wir dabei gefunden haben.


  1. Cubano Chant (Bryant, arr. Mossman)
  2. A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie, Paparelli, arr. Mossman)
  3. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) (Jobim, Lees, arr. Taylor)
  4. Vamos a Bailar (Beach)
  5. Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) (Jobim, Hendricks, Cavanaugh, de Moraes, arr. Taylor)
  6. Nature Boy (Ebhez, arr. Emminger)
  7. Afro Blue (Santamaria, arr. Mossman)
  8. Why Not (Hinsbeeck)
  9. The Girl from Ipanema (Jobim, Gimbel, de Moraes, arr. Holmes)
  10. El Centro (Bock, Holofcener, Weiss, arr. Wolpe)

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Die Liner Notes erklären, worum es auf No More Blues geht:

Germans are well known for their "Wanderlust", even though television offers a very convenient way to see the world. Maybe it's because that rich, dark tan is the ultimate status symbol for us Germans, but we know we're not likely to get it from sitting in front of the idiot box! Another reason might be that we're looking for more than a vacation: We like to visit places of significance, places that have grown on us emotionally, even if we might not have visited them before. We don't just want to see these places on the boob tube, but savor the experience with all our senses.

For lovers of Música Popular Brasileira or Afro-Cuban music, many such extraordinary pleasures await in Latin America. From sunny Ipanema Beach to the backstreets of Havanna, from Afoxé, Bossa and Cumbia to Samba and Salsa, there is an endless variety of flavors to sample and enjoy. Although neither our band nor most of its members have had the chance to visit the places where these exciting styles originate, we have had the chance to connect to this part of the world by playing and recording music from there. This may not seem quite as exciting as travelling, but much more so than spending more time on the couch watching TV. We sincerely hope you enjoy these tracks - we sure had a great time recording them.